Competitors Guide

REQUIRED Mt Hood Meadows Release Waiver

All Athletes competing in the Alpine Ski & Trail Run courses must sign the above waiver. If the athlete is under 18 years of age, a parent must sign the waiver. This must be signed and submitted at Packet Pick Up. A fellow teammate can pick up registration packets for teammates, but they must have the signed waiver to do so.

General Race Rules

Categories are specifically described in the Categories section on the website.  Each competitor must wear a bib number during the race.  A wristband with a chip will be used to time each and every leg.  Pairs and teams will be required to hand of the wrist band to their teammate within the official transition zones between each leg.  Individual competitors may have up to two support crew assisting them with transporting equipment and feeding at the designated feed zones along the course.  Pairs may have a maximum of one person assisting them with transport of equipment and feeding.  With the exception of the high school division teams will be allowed no additional support crew to assist.  High School divisions may have one parent or coach assist with transportation, equipment and support during the race.  All competitors in the high school division must be currently enrolled in high school to compete.  Coaches can not compete.


Alpine Ski Leg Rules

Alpine leg is a fast flowing course with wide set gates to accommodate each wave of competitors. The course runs down Mt. Hood Meadows South Canyon (condition dependent) before transitioning to the Trail Run leg in the base area. Each competitor will receive a lift ticket good for a practice run and a race run. Mt. Hood Meadows grooming crew will have the course buffed for race day. Waves will be limited to 50 people or and include a Leman’s start to string competitors out and eliminate collisions. Course is 1 mile long and drops 1000 feet of elevation. Ski helmets are required.

Trail Run Leg Rules

Trail run leg is approximately 3K in length and takes competitors on a course through the Mt. Hood Meadows base area. Competitors will climb a total of 120 feet of elevation in the first half mile before descending 300 feet to the Road Bike Transition. Expect both snow and dirt for this run and bring shoes with good tread. Or if there is a significant snow pack use Snow Shoes for this leg- runners choice!

Road Bike Leg Rules

Mt. Bike competitors will hand off the designated timing wrist banned in the official transition zone to the Road cyclist at the Teacup parking area.  Road cyclist will proceed down to Hood River via HWY 35.  The road leg is a time trial format and drafting other riders or vehicles is prohibited.  Competitors caught violating this rule will receive a 5 minute penalty on the first offense and be disqualified after the second offense.  Any location that has orange road cones along the road cyclist must stay to the right of the cones at all times.

Road cyclist must wear a ANSI or SNELL approved helmet. No recombinants or aerodynamic devices such as fairings may be used.  You may used a mt. bike, road bike, time trial bike, or cross bike.  All bikes are required to have brakes and must meet safety check requirements. Bikes and road bikes must be picked up by 2pm on Saturday.  Any bike left at the transition area after that time will be transported to the finish at the Hood River Marina Lawn.


Run Leg Rules

Runners will receive their timing wristband from the road cyclist at the designated transition area at Pine Grove Grange.  Runners will follow the designated course and are required to run against traffic when a dedicated lane is not provided for them.


Paddle Leg Rules

Runners hand off their timing wristband to the paddler at the Hood River Marina Beach designated transition area.  Paddlers will then take their boat or board to the water for put in.  Paddlers will be required to circumnavigate a designated course on the Columbia River identified by buoys.  Paddlers must always remain on the left side of the buoys on this out and back course.  Once they have returned to shore paddlers will carry their board or boat up onto shore and place it in the designated drop zone before sprinting the final 400 meters to the finish line.  Any vessel that contains a board or boat maybe used as long as you use a paddle to power forward.  No vessel with oarlocks or sails will be allowed.  Approved vessels include stand up paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes.

Any vessel that contains a board or boat maybe used as long as you use a paddle to power forward.  No vessel with oarlocks or sails will be allowed.  Approved vessels include stand up paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes.  All competitors must wear a PFD (personal floatation devise) while on the water both prior to the event as well as during the event.  You must use a single or double bladed paddle for the event.  All vessels must be walked into and out of the water.  Boat drop off located at the Hood River Marina Beach will be open between 7am – 10am on race day.