2014 Registration Fees

Category By April 1st By May 1st By May 28
Individual $100 $125 $150
Pairs $120 Per Team $140 Per Team $160 Per Team
Teams $240 Per Team $300 Per Team $360 Per Team
Business Teams $240 Per Team $300 Per Team $360 Per Team
High School Team $180 Per Team $200 Per Team $220 Per Team
Family Team $200 Per Team $220 Per Team $240 Per Team


  1. Hello, I John Whaley from the Gorge have an extensive background in kayak racing. If a team is in need a very qualified kayaker, I can be reached at 541 999-7290 and happy to participate in the Hood to River…Thanks…JW

  2. for the paddle leg — I see your rules require the boats to be transported to and from the beach by the racer…. are they allowed assistance? (I worry our female paddler won’t be able to carry a fiberglass sea kayak into the water by herself — can the runner help carry one end of the boat to and from the water?)

    • We actually have a 6 person crew who will be assisting the paddlers all day with launching and then retrieving the boats after the leg. So no worries!

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